Sunday, November 12, 2006

Motion for November 12th Congregational Meeting

"The Corporate Management Commission recommends that the Congregation approve the expenditure of a maximum of $40,000 for the upgrading of the electrical & fire alarm systems in the Educational Building.
The funds for this expenditure would be taken from the Endowment.”

Upgrade Systems

Essential Repairs Needed

- Educational Building constructed in 1929 uses its original Electrical Service entry. Contemporary Main Panel upgrade is essential for safe repairs. Fire Alarm components have become obsolete.

- Fire safety will be enhanced, insurance risk will be mitigated and an optimal foundation established for electrical needs for Emmanuel and for our tenants, an on-going source of income for our congregation.

- Electrical service expenditures are NOT addressing Sanctuary renovations and are independent of the GGM-Renovation funding.

- Authorization to withdraw from Emmanuel's Endowment was approved Sunday November 12th and needed repairs will begin in 2007.

Fire Alarm Systems

Original alarm system sounded directly to Albany's Fire Station.

Time-Warner Security System is current vendor,

Fire Alarm System

Alarm Bell mechanisms broken and obsolete.
Replacement parts NOT available
Heat Sensors and Smoke Sensors not logically positioned.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Electrical System

Unsafe and difficult replacement of defective circuits in 2006 has highlighted the dangers associated with our current electrical system. With our significant renovations, Emmanuel has an excellent opportunity to create safer electrical usage.

Electrical System

Our "Most Visible" electrical panel, outside the church office, it's circuit breakers function for the Sanctuary.

Blown Circuit is seen at bottom

Taped into "OFF" position

Opposite the Boilers . . .

We can see . . . .

Overview - Main Electrical Service

Main Panels on Left, Circa 1929
Usage Meter in center
Contemporary Panels on Right, circa 1972 & 2005

Main Service Panel

Heat is palpated from Main Service Panel. Circuits can be cut off, but re-establishing the circuits is not at all guaranteed.

Buss Fuses

Main Service Panel

Usage Meter

Old circuits (with levers?) are incorporated into accounting for our use of electricity.

Usage Meter

Individual levers for Meter are atypical.

Contemporary Panels 1992

Jet Flow Breather,
Ministers's Office and
Sewer Pump

Contemporary Panels 2005

Fire Alarm on Left
New Outlets for Refrigerators for Food Pantry in Fellowhsip Hall and Stage on Right

Sanctuary has made changes

Circa 1871

Transitions into a different Worship Space

Circa 1967

Fuse Panels @ east & west of Gymnasium

Second Floor Electrical Systems

Old style fuses are not as scary . . .

Second Floor Electrical Services

As old-style, cloth-covered wiring . . .

Second Floor Electrical Services

With old-style alumninum grounding
(But only at the fuse box - not at outlets!)

Second Floor Electrical Systems

Defective lighting and 3-way switches in & near the gymnasium will also be addressed. Replacement of fixtures and some new outlets will also be included in this Electrical System Upgrade for the Educational Building.

Vintage Electrical Wiring (in attic)

Electrical contract will include stabilization (wire sheathing) of outlets in Fellowship Hall and the upper Educational Building.

Here we see currently functional, cloth-covered wires, on ceramic insulators remaining from the original 1920's electrical service.

Repairing cloth-covered wiring cannot compare to replacement of entire wiring system in the Education Building. That replacement would cost an additional $25,000. Repairs proposed are compromises which Corporate Management Commission believes are safe and appropriate choices for Emmanuel Baptist Church.